Privacy Policy

Personal Information

Privacy Policy

To provide you with our services, including providing insurance quotes, managing insurance applications, processes and claims, we need to hold and process your personal information.

When we talk about “Personal information”, we mean information or opinions about you, which you have provided to us, or authorised us to collect from others, or which we have collected from third parties who are authorised to disclose information about you to us.

How We Collect Information

We collect personal information in several ways:

  • Directly from you (such as when you complete application details, call us or write to us);
  • From third parties (such as other insurers, financial advisers, medical practitioners, etc.); and
  • From business activities (such as claims documentation, invoices, anniversary letters, etc.).

The following persons may be contacted to assist in collecting your personal information:

  • Financial advice providers;
  • Other insurers;
  • Health and medical practitioners;
  • Government agencies; and
  • Similar agencies or entities which we believe are necessary to assess and administer your insurance relationship with us.

Information will only be collected where necessary for the assessment or administration of your Policy advice. Personal information may be collected about you and others specified on a policy or others connected with a policy (such as the insured’s beneficiary). You may only provide us with personal information other than yourself where that person has authorised such disclosure.

How We Will Use Your Information

We use your personal information for the following purposes:

  • The applications of any insurance you make;
  • Providing insurance quotes and setting premiums;
  • For contacting you about, managing, and administering the products and services, we supply you;
  • We provide services to our product providers and suppliers where it is reasonably necessary for such product providers and suppliers to provide services to us or perform administrative or other activities on our behalf.

By requesting a quote or taking advice about a policy with us, you consent to us using your personal information for these purposes. We may also use your information to contact you about other products and services we think you may be interested in. 

Disclosing Personal Information

To provide you with our advice services, we may need to disclose your information to third parties who assist us with:

  • Providing you with a quote;
  • The administration of your insurance application, or
  • The administration of any other service we provide to you.

Such third parties may include, but are not limited to:

  • Insurance Product Providers
  • Medical practitioners; and
  • Accountants and other service providers and suppliers.
  • There may also be circumstances where we are required to disclose your information to other third parties to comply with laws and or regulatory requirements. 
  • We currently use cloud-based solutions for our information systems, which includes data potentially stored overseas.

Email and Telephone

We know the information you provide us with is essential to you, and we take pride in keeping your data safe. Sometimes, however, a particular means of communication is open to abuse by third parties, for example, when you email or telephone us. While we will take all reasonable steps to ensure the information you provide us is held securely, we cannot, however, guarantee the safety of data while in transit to us (unless it is via a secure channel we provide to you).

  1. We may monitor and record your communications (such as calls, emails and letters) with us for training, instruction, complaint handling and reporting, verification, insurance and administration purposes.
  1. We rely on third party cloud based storage providers for the majority of the information we store. We do this only where we believe the third-party data storage provider can keep your data safe and secure. Any information held directly by us will be held securely.

Under New Zealand privacy law, you are entitled to request access to and correct the personal information we hold about you. There are some circumstances under New Zealand privacy law where we may choose not to provide you with some or all of the personal information we hold about you or to correct your information as you have requested. If that occurs, we will write to you and tell you why we have reached that decision.

Where information has been requested, it is not expressly our Policy to charge customers for their information but we do reserve the right to charge retrieval costs if we believe such a request is beyond the ordinary course of administering our advice process.