Our role is to help you with advice to manage the risk of what will happen if you’re unwell and unable to work for some time or die prematurely. 

What’s in it for you?

Invercargill based, we work in and around the Southland region, providing smart and practical advice on how to best structure your ACC, Life, Income & Health Insurance plans. 

What’s in it for us?

If you decide on a review and that study uncovers issues you want to address, we ask that you place your business with us.

Fees or expenses.

Standalone Insurance does not charge fees, expenses, or other amounts for its client’s financial advice.

The private insurer we place your business with reimburses the advice costs, eliminating the need to charge you a fee. 

So if you want advice on getting the right price for your ACC, Life, and Health Insurance plans without reducing your peace of mind, we can help.

Duncan Wait is an NZQE Qualified Financial Adviser with “National Certificate Financial Services” Financial Advice Level 5.