What’s in it for you?

Our purpose simple. Get to know people and discover if they have any ACC and Business Risk Insurance issues needing solved and if they do help them to solve those issues.

Our role is to help the self-employed with financial advice, advice that specifically pertains to protecting business revenue, and family income.

You will get a clear plan, on how well your business and ultimately your family would cope financially if a key income producing member were to get sick, have an accident, or die prematurely.

You will gain expert advice on setting up your ACC, and Business Risk Insurance that will work as an investment for your estate.

The first thing I do is have a look at how you are currently structured with your ACC and any other existing insurances you may already have.

The reason for this is to make sure you are getting the best value from the plans you have now, and if you’re not, I can then put together a proposal showing you how you can.

What’s in it for us?

If we do decide on a review, and that review uncovers issues that you need and want to address, We simply ask that you place your new business with us. This way Standalone Insurance is remunerated by the private insurer we place your business with which will negate the need to charge fees.

There is no fee for any service we provide.